Car Show

Miss Behavin's History

Miss Behavin started out just like any other car club, friends getting together and hang out at car shows, swap meets and each others house for what ever reason. Today we are now a charity organization that tries to raise awareness of issues faced by the Veterans in our community. Miss Behavin is heading towards becoming a 501c3 Non-Profit organization, which will support other charitable organizations in the Puget Sound area. Miss Behavin is composed of individuals from all walks of life with one goal in mind; to help the veterans and the military community in general.


In 2012 Miss Behavin was formed by friends for the sole purpose of wanting to belong. Needless to say “Rag Tag” was what best described all of us at the time. We slowly figured out that we wanted more for us as individuals and as a club. While sitting at a local brewery in downtown Tacoma, Matt the President of Miss Behavin was reading a book about bomber art in World War II. One piece of art stood out the most, "Miss Behavin" a B17 bomber. At that point it was decided that piece of history would best represent our car club and our motto.


At this point in time, we decided to put on our first car show. A group of 6 people discussed our options and decided Miss Behavin would not only host a car show, but we would take the car show to next level. We wanted to give back to the community. But not just too any random group that came along.  We wanted to give back to individuals that gave to all of us, The Military Community as a whole. We wanted to give back to Active Duty military, the National Guard, the Reserve and the Veterans that served, so we could be safe and FREE.

Miss Behavin has now taken the next logical step into being a greater force of reckoning. We have decided to become a non-profit charity organization. We are getting all our ducks in a row and are applying for the 501C3 process. All our members are here as volunteers. We are all volunteers because we want all the funds we can raise to go to the charities, minus of course all the expenses to run the car show or fund raising events. We now have a board of Directors, who guide the club in the direction necessary to be the best for the charities we support. Miss Behavin has also decided to help of the community in general. This year Miss Behavin added the “fill the Truck” project in which Show and Shine 2014 car show donated a large assortment of toys to Charlie’s Dinosaur.   

2015 to Present

One of our future goals is to take Vets out for the day and cruz around with them in our hot rods. Get them out, buy them lunch and try to get them to find some relaxation in their life again. To help them to try and get back into society and dealing with PTSD or other ailments.

These coming years will bring on even greater challenges for us

Miss Behavin.

If you think you would like to join us in giving back;

Please check out our membership page.