Car Show
Joining Miss Behavin:

Miss Behavin is a club and Charity organization.  We allow memberships to all individuals that have cars, trucks and/or bikes, basically anything cool. All we ask is that you have something modified on it that makes it more the just stock equipment.

We are a family friendly club, most of Miss Behavin have spouses and children and either way we try and welcome everyone into the Miss Behavin family.  As such as we are, we like to try to balance our time between friendship, family time and our toys. We enjoy our cars, trucks and motorcycles of every make and model. We also enjoy spending time with our family and friends by going to shows and showing off our toys, hence why Miss Behavin was created.

We are always looking for more members with
great vehicles or not so great vehicles.

So hit us up and we can talk.

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Below is our email to find out more information about membership or to email a completed form to us for review: